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The below partners are current clients of Engaging Members.






Building a superior lifestyle in retirement for members of the Queensland building and construction industry.
BUSS(Q) aims to provide a superior retirement lifestyle for members through the consistent delivery of security of investment across its superannuation products with optimum returns and a culture focused on servicing its membership.


Club Super

Club Super is the Industry Superannuation Fund designed specifically for employees in the sporting and recreational clubs and associated industries and is run only to benefit members.
We have received a Gold rating from independent rating agency, SuperRatings, for the last 5 years.


Energy Super

Energy Super is a multi-billion dollar,  profit-for-members, industry superannuation fund.  The Fund was established to provide a complete retirement planning solution for everyone, with a continued focus on employees and their families in the energy industry.






Health Industry Plan (HIP) , industry super fund for health and associated industries, was created in 1987 and is run only to profit members.
HIP is a national industry based superannuation fund and has grown over the past 18 years to manage $600 million in assets on behalf of 30,000 members.
We currently have approximately 1200 participating employers throughout Australia. Our employer groups range from major hospital groups with thousands of members to single employee organisations.





Intrust Super

Intrust Super opened its doors in 1988 as a joint initiative of the Queensland Hotels Association (QHA) and the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (LMHU - Queensland Branch).
As a 100% Industry Super Fund, Intrust Super does not pay commissions to advisors to recommend us nor does it pay dividends to shareholders. All profits are returned to our members. What this really means to you is that Intrust Super is in a position to give you the best chance at having a great retirement through competitive fees, great service and proven performance.




Maritime Super

Maritime Super was established on 1 March 2009 as a result of the merger between two maritime industry super funds, the Stevedoring Employees Retirement Fund (SERF) and the Seafarers Retirement Fund (SRF).
Continuing the tradition of providing comprehensive superannuation and retirement services to its members, Maritime Super is the largest super fund of its kind for maritime workers, helping members and their families and friends achieve financial security and dignity in retirement.



QIEC Super

QIEC Super is the superannuation fund established specifically for the benefit of all participants in the non-government education sector, child and other care and community services in Queensland. 
The Fund is a "profit for members" fund - after investment taxes and costs are taken out of returns all surplus are returned to members.

Federations / Unions / Associations




BLF Union

The Union will always put the protection of members' jobs, wages and working conditions first. But we don't just aim to protect workers, we are continually striving to ensure families are looked after aswell. That's why the Union has fought for a 36 hour week, income protection, funeral benefits, cheaper home loans, free legal assistance, free counselling service, accidental dental plan, free financial planning and more.
If you haven't joined the Union, you should do so quickly because you never know when you may need our help.





The primary objective of trade Unions has always been the maintenance and improvement of living standards for member, their dependents, those unable to work and those who have retired from the workforce.
Some workers recognise the benefits to be gained when a united group of workers negotiate with employers for a wage rise and improved conditions.  For example, the fact that workers in the electricity industry currently enjoy a 36.25 working week and a 9 day fortnight is a direct result of the collective resolve of the Union and its members.






Incolink is here to help its members in the Victorian building and construction industry with a range of benefits and services.
Unions and employers formed Incolink, which is the trading name of the Redundancy Payment Central Fund Limited, to administer the redundancy funds of industry members, giving them security between jobs. Today, it administers two redundancy funds, portable sick leave and income and trauma schemes, plus a range of other services and benefits for both employer and employee members.




A coterie group is a great starting point for people looking to increase their level of support as a member of the North Melbourne Football Club and from our perspective, what better way to start than by becoming a member of the longest established and original coterie of NMFC.

The Northerners is the longest established traditional coterie of the North Melbourne Football Club. We are an incorporated association with the sole aim and objective of supporting the North Melbourne Football Club on and off the field.



National Seniors Australia

National Seniors was established by a group of visionary Queenslanders in 1976. National Seniors Association Ltd (National Seniors) merged with Mature Australia of New South Wales and Later Years of Queensland in 1991. Further mergers included Self Funded Retirees of Western Australia and ARPA Over 50s Association Ltd.



United Voice - QLD

The 27,000 United Voice members in Queensland come from many different industries and backgrounds. These industries include Contracting, Education, Health and Aged Care, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Miscellaneous industries.
All United Voice members in the state join up with the Queensland Branch. Your United Voice Branch plays an important role working to organise workplaces, provide members with support and advice, appear in industrial courts and lobby politicians.



Union Shopper

The Union Shopper mission is to provide collective union members with the best possible savings on a huge array of consumable items. We do that by working exclusively for unions and their members (we're 100% union-owned) to provide a forever-growing variety of goods and services where you can save.




CPSU has a national membership of 200,000 including colleagues employed right across the Victorian Public Sector as well as Associate and Retired members who wish to retain their support for, and the benefits of, belonging to their Union.

Together with our members, the Union conducts a never ending campaign to improve the terms and conditions of employment, as well as providing specialist individual help or representation if you need it.





AMWU Vehicle Division

The AMWU Vehicle Division continues to commit to representing our Members Rights, and the Rights of Workers everywhere, through rallying Government and continuing negotiations with Employers.

Our Union was originally founded in 1863 as the Coachbuilders’ Union. In 1938 the Vehicle Builders Employees’ Federation (commonly known as the Vehicle Builders Union) of Australia was founded. In 1992 the VBU members decided via a ballot to amalgamate with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and we are now known as the Vehicle Division of the AMWU.



CFMEU Victorian Branch

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) of Victoria has a long and rich history dating back to the 1850s.

The CFMEU’s history draws on the contributions of the many unions that have amalgamated to create its present structure and the broad range of professions that hold membership.


Specialist Organisations




API Insurance

When it comes to insurance, we understand that you simply want to talk with someone direct about protecting you, your family and your assets.
At API Insurance Services there are no automated telephone options to navigate, no queues, no wrong departments – just call us and connect directly to one of our helpful and experienced consultants. You can even ask for them by name – and enjoy a coffee with them if you care to visit.






AssetPlan is a boutique financial services company that was established in 2000. Located on Bourke Street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, our advisors take pride in ensuring that our financial advice remains at the forefront of the industry.
We enjoy helping clients realise their financial goals, and making the most of any opportunities that come their way. AssetPlan is fully owned by the directors and advisers who work with the company. For this reason, we are able to provide advice that is not compromised by any ownership ties with banks, life offices or fund managers.






Avant-Garde Financial Services

Avant-Garde Financial Services Pty Ltd (Avant-Garde) is a boutique advisory firm that specialises in helping professionals of all ages achieve their financial goals and objectives.

We are a privately owned company that was established in 2007 in response to what we saw as the failure of the financial services industry to actively engage young professionals. Since then, Avant-Garde has been fortunate enough to provide financial advice to hundreds of young professionals, as well as establish working relationships with a number of student based organisations.



PFG Financial Services

PFG offer a range of Services to help you take control of your financial security.
From general financial advice to more specific services, such as superannuation, retirement planning and mortgages, PFG have the expertise and resources to give you the right advice so that you can confidently make decisions about your finances.




Windsor Income Protection

At Windsor Income Protection we are dedicated to going above and beyond, offering excellent service and expertise in every way, this is called “the Windsor Way”. This will allow us to achieve our goal to become the preferred provider of Group Income Protection solutions, meaning first choice every time.
Our employees have a wealth of experience when it comes to insurance. They are highly skilled, passionate and take a professional and focused approach to ensuring client satisfaction.