Superannuation trustee board structure needs new framework
26 September 2011 | by Mike Taylor | SuperReview
The controversy which has surrounded MTAA Super, combined with recent events elsewhere in the superannuation industry, suggest the use-by date applying to traditional trustee board structures may have expired. read more »
Superannuation funds step up member communication
26 September 2011 | by Mike Taylor | SuperReview
The global financial crisis prompted superannuation funds to refine their member communications and engagement and, as Damon Taylor writes, the lessons learned are continuing to be applied...... read more »
The 7-Stage Evolution of a Socially Responsible Brand
22 April 2011 | by Simon Mainwaring |
For decades, the decision to be an environmentally and socially responsible company has been based on the bottom line: .... read more »
Gen Y could be a boon for practices
18 April 2011 | by Vishal Teckchandani | Investor Daily
Generation Y clients could potentially be one of the most lucrative customer segments in future years, industry experts say.... read more »
Unclaimed super accounts climb to 6.1 million
13 April 2011 | by Vishal Teckchandani | Investor Daily
The number of small and lost accounts accounts in the eligible rollover fund sector rose in the year to June 2010, according to SuperRatings.... read more »
Internet key to member engagement
12 April 2011 | by Ashleigh McIntyre | SuperReview
Improved online communication is one of the key factors super funds are focusing on in order to increase member engagement and stay ahead of the competition... read more »
Consolidation is not a buzz word
1 April 2011 | by Wouter Klijn | Investor Daily
... fund has sufficient scale. Unsurprisingly, the Conference of Major Superannuation Funds' (CMSF) session on fund mergers was packed as trustees and administrators wanted to get the insights ... read more »
NGS Super site goes mobile
31 March 2011 | by Ashleigh McIntyre | SuperReview
NGS Super has launched a new website for mobiles, which provides both members and prospective members with access to a range of topics including the fund's past performance, details of free financial seminars and videos on financial management.... read more »
Industry needs to make member engagement easier: Legalsuper
29 July 2010 | by Chris Kennedy| SuperReview
While Legalsuper continues to drive voluntary contributions from active member engagement campaigns, many parts of the industry simply don’t make it easy enough for people to engage with their super... read more »