If you don’t have Member Engagement.....

If an organisation with a large captive member base – whether it is in the non-retail financial sector, is not-for-profit or is a union or association - fails to engage with its members through coordinated and effective engagement programs, it will enter a downward spiral. Its brand will grow weaker over time until its members switch to a competitor or rival without a second thought.

Segmentation is a key driver for the development of any strategy behind building member engagement.

Is segmentation done well? Or done at all? Is segmentation used to develop marketing strategies and plans?

In the mid 1990’s, Skoda automotive decided to break away from it origins as a cheap local car manufacturer and began to build cars that were going to last. It differentiated itself from its competitors through the reliability of its products, allowing Skoda to capture the majority share of its local market in the Czech Republic before becoming the second fastest selling car in the European Union, challenging its main competitor Opel for the first time.

Where are we with differentiation? What about innovation?

Needs based services and aspirations don’t belong to a brand; they are insights on behaviours that progressive companies tap into in order to engage with their members or customers. In an ongoing relationship today, providing real benefit and value based on lifestyle needs builds loyalty and positive word of mouth reinforcement, which in turn amplifies brand promotion.

My lifestyle needs today versus the value promised 30 years down the track?

Who’s tapping in to those lifestyle needs of my members today?

What’s my net promotion score based on my services and expectations offered to my members? Am I too scared to find out?

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