Our Model, Your Solution

Through our proven Customer Engagement Program’s (CEP’s), Engaging Members can deliver increased engagement with your members.

Our proven ‘Three Pillar’ model can support your organisation in the following ways:

Customer Consulting Services (CCS)

 Data Management Solutions
  Designed to improve the quality of data on clients systems.
 Sales Consulting
  Reviewing all contact strategies and processes to ensure current and future
  solution designs deliver maximum results.
 Management Consulting
  Reviewing the structure and KPI's of an organisation to help meet the current
  and future demand of their industry.
 Service Delivery
  We have delivered multiple cross industry solutions that work to maximise the
  contact opportunities that our clients have with their members across all
  Introducing an industry benchmarking program designed to form the basis of
  continuous improvement for any sector.

Communication Solution Services (CSS)

 Communications Specialist
  Build, design and manage communication platforms for clients. Review current
  capabilities and platforms and execute agreed plans for enhancement.
 Direct Marketing
  Deliver electronic media solutions including eDM design and delivery. We offer
  an integrated SMS gateway delivery service tailored to clients needs. We build
  customer management programs including capability and operational plans
  allowing for effective execution.
 Online Digital Media
  Development capabilities across online member services solutions, data
  management and consolidation, web design, search solution providers as well
  as mobilising websites (apps and web enabled sites)

Customer Engagement Solution (CES)

Our clients have endorsed Engaging Members to build, execute and communicate dedicated member engagement programs in the Telecommunications, Energy, Insurance (General, Health and Travel) and Hospitality industries.