Company Profile

Engaging Members provides:

High-end commercial marketing expertise to Superannuation Funds, Trade Unions and associations wishing to Create and Execute Customer Engagement Programs (CEP’s) to their members.

Engaging Members uses its knowledge of the financial services market as well as its experience within affinity marketing to ensure that members have access to:

  • Relevant and synergistic products and services
  • Unique benefits and special pricing

We build, manage and implement effective communication strategies to promote the tailored Customer Engagement Programs with our affinity partners

The Customer Engagement programs developed on behalf of our clients are designed to:

  • Deliver real and relevant value to members
  • Increase member engagement
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase channel utilisation such as website
  • Drive revenue and affinity to both client and provider
  • Increase member retention
  • Improve data management and collection